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A mango  a day keeps the blues away

Breakfast,lunch,snack or dinner they're always incredible!

The best way to eat mangos is straight out eating them. A quick search on the internet will provide you with many  recipes. Of course, there is nothing like a PB & M sandwich on whole wheat bread or mangos with ice-cream!!

We have met some wonderful people on our travels and most are intrigued about mangoes and each have their own mango stories: Here is a poem a lovely lady we met  in South Beach offered to us.  

Mango Tree

mango tree underneath tropical sun

ocean spray blows on its branches.

sweet taste 

like a sunset

like a lover

orange red skin 

soft to the touch

soft to the tongue

wet like water

juice dripping down my hand

down my arm

mango tree 

Shading it's Mango Love on Me

by: Melissa Garrett ~ included with  permission

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