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    Welcome to the wonderful world of Pine Island mangos.

 Our "free range" mangos are born and raised with TLC in our Bokeelia, Florida grove. The mango trees in our grove are mature. Originally planted in the early 1900's our trees are still producing delicious mangos. The original rootstock was the Florida turpentine mango, while not tasty (the name may give you a clue) they are a hardy rootstock. Our trees were then grafted with the Kent, Haden, Keitt, Irwin and other varietals. 

     If you visit you can still see the original graft. The mango tree itself is  a remarkably robust tree with amazing metabolism. We  prune our trees every few years to allow air and light to reach the fruit to enhance their flavor and appearance. 

                        Our Mangos are made in America!  

               No hot bleach water bath for our mangos! 

          We only ship mangos from our grove so  that we ensure Quality.

                                  We don't buy from other groves. 

A mango  a day keeps the blues away

Breakfast,lunch,snack or dinner they're always incredible!

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