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Welcome to the Wonderful world of Pine Island Fl Mangos!

mangos featured by estimated harvest times


The flavor of the Haden defines the mango for many in the tropics, it is rich, sweet with luscious peach and pineapple flavor.

Haden mangos are oval and smooth

(12-20 ozs). The flesh is firm with some fiber.

Excellent for all uses. Quintessential mango flavor and beauty. 


Irwin mangos are slightly oblong with crimson to red  skin. Flesh is fiberless yellow. The flavor is sweet and mild. Irwins are a widely enjoyed fruit and have an elegant citrus and blossom nose, with pretty flavors of plum and peach.  

KENT - July-August

Kent mangos are widely acknowledged as the best tasting Florida mango and are the primary fruit in our grove due to its excellent taste and texture. They are oval, with a smooth skin

(24-32 ozs). While they retain their green color when ripe, the flesh is deep orange, meltingly soft and juicy with and exceptionally rich, sweet flavor. In a word delicious! 

KEITT- Mid July thru September

Keitt mangos herald the end of our mango season (August thru Sept). The flesh of a Keitt mango has a beautiful lemon yellow color, has no fiber and the fruit is quite large (24-40 ozs). Keitt mangoes have a sweet flavor with rich layers of coconut, berry and lime notes with creamy vanilla and lush peach flavors. 

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