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Hello  Fellow Mango Fans! 


Thank you for your support and mango enjoyment. 


Bill and I will NOT be shipping mangos anymore. We have had 15 great years of shipping which is hard work, especially in the summer heat. We have enjoyed every one of our customers. The time has come for us to lighten our work load. Thank You for your support, 

and loyalty

  All the Best 

P.S- keep eating more mangos!   

 ~Mary & Bill~ 

Thanks for checking in. 


All mangos are grown on our property! We do NOT buy from other sources 


Welcome to the wonderful world of SW Florida Mangos Pine Islands finest!


Taste the difference in our heirloom mangos: original

Florida  Haden, Kent and Keitt mangoes.

Growers Bill and Mary Cyzewski have owned this grove since 1990. We are a small, family operated boutique grove. The majority of our crop is the Kent cultivar, proclaimed to be the best tasting mango. We have samplings of other cultivars; Haden, Irwin, Keitt and Tommy Atkin. Each mango is hand picked and treated gently. We use no fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides on our trees or fruit. We select your mangos the day of pick-up or the day of shipping. Fruit picking will be determined by the mangoes themselves and we estimate harvest to be mid June for Hadens and Irwins and mid July into September for the Kent and Keitt mangos. Keeping in mind that every year is different. 

Mangos are naturally delicious, nutritious and healthy besides Tasty! Mangos have substantial levels of potassium, provitamin A, B-carotene and vitamin C and are low in fat and sodium. 

Our fruit are picked fully mature which will accommodate shipping as well as packing for safe travel. Final ripening of the fruit OFF the tree allows them to ripen more evenly and develop a better flavor. For proper ripening we enclose ripening guidelines and instructions  . 

A Mango A Day Keeps the Blues Away! 

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